New Pilots

Welcome to BBN Airways, we are pleased you have chosen to fly with us and hope you enjoy your stay.

We currently have over 300 pilots, 95% of which are active members and we are glad you have chosen to join them here at BBN Airways. 
This is just a small starter guide to get you on your way.....
Mike Caston - BBN001
We are here to help and can be contacted at any time via the contact page.
To log flights with us you will need to download some acars software.. you can find this in the downloads section HERE
If you need help using this, contact us in Teamspeak, anyone will be happy to help you.
BBN acars tutorial:
You are free to fly whichever Scheduled Flight you wish at any time.. you can also use the aircraft of your choice.  We do have our own repaints but you will need the full verison of the aircraft in order to use these repaints.
14 DAY & 30 DAY RULE
After joining we expect you to complete your first flight within the first 14 days and then log at least 1 flight in a 30 day period.  Your account may be removed if this is not adhered to but if you do have a geniune reason for not logging flights within the above timeline, please come and speak to one of the staff.
VATSIM / IVAO - Advertising the VA
Our Callsigns are:
West Atlantic = "NEPTUNE"
Blue Islands = "BLUE ISLAND"
Monarch = "MONARCH"
Thomson= *THOMSON*
You are free to fly online with VATSIM and / or IVAO... all we ask is that in your remarks/comments, you put a link to BBN Airways so other persons checking VATSPY can see what VA you are from.
This is especially important when doing big group flights as we have had members join us from doing this and that can only be a good thing!
We have our own Forums here at BBN.  We encourage all members to register.  The forums can be accessed here:


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