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Status: OPEN

Minimum Requirements:

- You must own a legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / Microsoft Flight Simulator X or P3D.

- You must be at least 13 years of age.

- You must have an active, valid email address.


Why Join Us?

- We are well established (since 2005)

- We are a Official Vatsim Partner VA

- We have our own custom ACARS flight logging software

- You can add your own routes (via the charter system)

- You can fly whatever you want, whenever you want! No restrictions!

- We have a major interest in Flight Simulation and Aircraft.. just like you!


What you need to know:


- If you need to transfer hours from another Virtual Airline, this can be done but will need to be verified.

- First flight needs to be completed in the first 14 days of registering.

- A flight must be logged at least once during a 30 day period for you to remain active.

- You are free to use any airline aircraft to fly our routes.

- You can fly any route at any time.. you do not have to fly at the time on the schedule :-)

- We use our own ACARS system for logging flights, this can be downloaded from the Pilot Centre after joining.


STILL HERE? Awesome! Click that signup button below :-)


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