BBN Flightsim Server

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Active Pilots / Controllers

BBN0001 Michael Caston
BBN0012 Darren Fletcher
BBN0016 Colin Holden
BBN0002 Mark Ward
BBN0008 Sam Julnes
BBN0013 Jeffrey Ray
BBN0015 Philip Kirwan
BBN0014 Alexander Fishburn
BBN0017 Brandon Rogers
BBN0030 Jamie Clarke
BBN0009 Oscar Winter
BBN0045 Nathanuel Emmings
BBN0052 Joe Barton
BBN0047 Rhys Worlock
Programs Needed Before Connecting:
Install Tutorial for the above:
Teamspeak 2 Client:
Request a CID for the Server
Before you can connect you need an ID and Password... I am working on making this automated but until then please use the following methods:
Send your... Name, VATSIM CID (if you have one) and a password you would like to use to connect to the server.
Send to mike at - contact me in teamspeak or reply to this thread on the forums and I will get you setup.
Connecting as a Pilot
Open FSInn UI - Click on Set - Expand the Network Tab and select one that is not being used.  Copy the details as below using your own ID and Password that was provided to you.
Once you have filled out those details then you can connect to the server in the same way as you would connect to Vatsim.  The only difference is when speaking to ATC.  When there is a ATC controller online you can tune to the frequency inside flightsim and Teamspeak 2 will automatically open and tune to the correct channel.  (Setup a Push to Talk key for TS2)
Enjoy and if you have any problems, please reply here or contact me :)


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